Relative Expressions


About the Art

It all started with a broken pin. It was a beautiful blue enamel flower pin from the 1960's and the clasp had broken. It was far too pretty to throw away. One thing led to another….a single earring, a necklace with a missing stone, a bracelet with a broken clasp.  Soon I needed a bigger box to keep it all together. I prefer the word collecting to hoarding.

I have always enjoyed making art from found objects. Bits of quilts, family photos, old hardware,  plastic Cracker Jack toys….all hold a fascination.  All the pieces in my work have a story. Every woman has a secret treasure or two in her jewelry box. It is where she keeps her stories. Was that beautiful pin a gift from her one true love? Was it exactly what she had hoped for? Did it make her feel loved? Did it make her feel beautiful? Did she wear it with the peach chiffon dress she hated? I am fascinated by these stories. Sometimes treasures are broken or get smashed into pieces, but you keep the pieces because they are part of your story. Once I discovered I could encase these lost jewels, these lost stories, in resin, I was hooked. Now they have a whole new story to tell. I try to incorporate a sense of whimsy and humor in each piece.  I hope you like my work.  I hope it makes you smile. I hope you see that it has a whole new story to tell.  Maybe that story is yours.

My name is Kim Moorehouse and I live in Central Florida.  My weekends are spent at the beach, flea markets, estate sales and spending time with friends and family.  By day, I am a Project Manager for a software company. 

Please contact me if you are interested in a personalized piece with things from your box of treasures. 

Kim Moorehouse